Monday, August 1, 2011

Mommy & Me Monday - August 1st

We had a pretty low-key and uneventful weekend.  It was entirely TOO hot to do anything!  Brayden and I spent the day cuddling inside in the air conditioner for most of the weekend.
Saturday evening we went over to my Dad's after we all went to dinner.  Brayden sat with PawPaw in the floor and watched TV.  It was so cute because Brayden reached up and put his hand on PawPaw's shoulder.  I tried getting a good picture, but Brayden turned to look at me because I was being too loud!  Oh well, the picture is still cute!!!


  1. It's been too hot here too - ugh. Some weather we've been having! ISH! Great pics of you & your little one! xoxo


  2. Thank goodness for AC! It's too hot to do anything outside here, too.