Monday, July 25, 2011

Brayden is Six Months Old

Dear Brayden,
Can you really be six months old already???!!!  It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital!  You are going to be a year old before we know it!
You have become very interested in the dogs lately.  You stare at them and will follow them around with your eyes.  When the dogs come near you, you reach out your hand towards them and pat them.  So far both Maverick and Maggie are very sweet and gentle towards you.
We finally took you "swimming" for the first time.  You were definitely dressed for the occasion!
I was a little worried that you might not like the cool water, but I was wrong!  You just loved being in the water. 
You had your first sleepover with your Aunt Shandi and Syera (and PawPaw too).  Aunt Shandi even bought you some new pajamas to wear. 
Aunt Shandi told me that she was going to let you stay up all night and jump on the bed! 
Syera even wore some pajamas like you.
PawPaw bought you some books and Syera read you a bedtime story.
You had such a fun time at your sleepover!  I am sure you will have a lot more sleepovers with your Aunt Shandi!
You also celebrated your first Fourth of July!  I was afraid that you wouldn't like the fireworks, but you didn't really even pay attention to them.
We also went to visit Maw and Paw on the Fourth of July.  Maw and Paw were so excited that you came up to visit.  You are a lucky little guy to have so many people that love you!
During the trip to Maw and Paw's, you learned how to grab the canopy of your car seat and pull on it.  You really liked pulling on the canopy and bending it.  Silly boy!!!
You are trying really hard to crawl.  You can push up on his hands and hold your head up, and you can push off with your feet - but you just haven't figured out how to put the two together.  I am sure it won't be much longer and you will be crawling all over the place!!! 
You love to "walk" around while we hold you up.  It is so cute to watch you "step" with your little feet.  I have a feeling you might be walking before long too!
You really enjoy sitting in your activity center.  You like to stand up and play with the toys and look around.
You also love rolling around on the floor.  Since you can't crawl yet, this is the best way for you to move around.  I call you my little rollie pollie!  You are certainly going to be very active once you start crawling and walking.  I will definitely have my hands full! 
We also discovered that you love to swing.  We took you to the park behind PawPaw's house and let you swing and slide down the slide (with me of course).  You would get the biggest smile on your face when you would swing.  We will definitely have to buy you a swing for outside at our house!
We went to a birthday party for Connor, my friend Kitch's little boy, and you had a blast!  Connor had a ball themed birthday party, so there was a ball pit to play in.  You had so much fun with Connor and all of the other kids.
You have also started sleeping on your belly.  I lay you down on your back, but you immediately roll to your side and eventually you end up on your belly. 
You are a very good eater.  You have tried all of the stage one baby foods and you like most of them, although I don't think you are too fond of peas. 
You had your well check on July 25th with Dr. Amy.  You got 3 shots while you were there and you had to take a liquid vaccine too.  Dr. Amy said that your head looked a lot better and it will continue to improve since you are sitting up more and spending more time on your tummy.  Your lower teeth still haven't pushed through yet, but they are getting ready!  Dr. Amy said that we could start offering you juice to drink and you can start trying stage 2 baby food.  You weighed 17 lbs. 12 oz. (50-75%) and are 28 in. long (90-95%).  Your head circumference is 17 5/8 in. (75-90%).  I really can't believe how big you are getting!!!!

You really are a precious little guy!  I love you more and more each day, Brayden Paul! 

Love Always,