Monday, August 29, 2011

Mountain Challenge II

After about a 5 week break, Damien was back to racing on Sunday at the Mountain Challenge II with NCHSA.  Damien had raced at this track before and was excited about going back again.  However, this time they reversed the direction they went on the track and Damien didn't like it as much.

Damien was very surprised and excited when his fan club showed up!
Jason helped Damien get set up at the starting line.
Brayden loves hanging out and waiting for the race to start.
Damien completed 9 laps during the 45 minute race. 
He ended up finishing in 11th place out of 11.  We are very proud of him for trying his best and finishing the race.
Brayden loves watching Damien ride his dirtbike.  I bet we have a future rider on our hands! :)


  1. Aww how cute he would win #1st place in my book!