Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brushy Mountain Race

On Sunday, Damien raced in his second harescramble race with NCHSA.  The race was at Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park in Taylorsville. 
Jason helped Damien get set up at the starting line.
Brayden and I watched from the "sidelines." 
My Dad and Tammy came to watch the race.  They made it just in time to see the race start.
The track went a mile and a half through the woods.  Damien ended up completing 8 laps during the 45 minute race.  He placed 8th out of 10 in his division. We were very proud of him!!
We all watched the race from in the woods because it was SO hot outside.  Brayden enjoyed being in the shade!
I forgot Brayden's hat, but luckily PawPaw had his Corvette hat that Brayden could wear.
Damien was VERY tired and grumpy because he didn't go to bed until late on Saturday night. I think he might have learned a lesson because he was completely EXHAUSTED by the time the race was over.  
Damien was so tired that Jason had to put the dirt bike back in the truck and take Damien's boots off. HaHa!
Brayden loved hanging out with Tammy while we got everything loaded up to go home.
PawPaw thought that Brayden might like to "drive" a dirt bike like his big brother.
Damien was so tired that he barely made it to the car without falling asleep!!  He slept for most of the drive home.
As a matter of fact, we were ALL pretty tired after the race, even Brayden!

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