Monday, June 27, 2011

Brayden's First Trip to the Pool

On Saturday, we took Brayden to the pool for the first time.  Brayden was so excited to go to the pool.  He even put on his brother's goggles.
I was a little nervous that Brayden may not like the pool, because he is used to very warm bath water. 
But, he definitely proved me wrong!!!  He just loved the water and he even started splashing around with his hands.  He is growing up SO fast!!!!
Brayden enjoyed "swimming" with everyone!! 
After being in the pool for a while, Brayden got a little fussy and wanted to take a nap.  He looks so cute and peaceful in his monster towel.
After Brayden woke up from his nap, his aunt and big brother had to try out his monster towel too.  They are so silly!!!
Brayden is so loved by everyone, especially his Aunt Shandi!
Brayden also loves his cousin Syera.
Brayden gave Tammy a big kiss (actually he just slobbers on your face) for letting us come over to her pool!!
After we left the pool, we all went to get some ice cream.  Brayden was NOT very happy that we wouldn't share our ice cream with him!!!
I just love my little water bug!!!

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