Monday, June 27, 2011

Denver Classic Race

On Sunday, Damien competed in another harescramble race with NCHSA.  This race was only about 30 minutes away, in Denver, NC.  We took Jason's truck to this race, since it wasn't so far away.
Jason helped Damien get set up at the starting line.
My Dad and Tammy came to watch Damien race too.  Brayden loves to wear PawPaw's hat and sunglasses!!
Brayden also helped us carry around our folding chairs, since we got tired of holding them.
Damien did really well at the start of the race - he came off the starting line in 3rd place.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Damien during the race because he only made 3 laps, due to a slick track and getting stuck a couple of times. 
We watched the race from in the woods, along the trail, since it was a lot cooler than being out in the sun.
Damien ended up finishing 13th out of 15 in his division.  We were very proud of him for completing the race and trying his best!!! 
He was definitely worn out when the race was over! 

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