Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a fun-filled weekend spending time with my dad and grandparents.  We went up to visit Maw and Paw last weekend, and I was excited to spend some more time with them again this weekend.
Brayden is intrigued by the littlest things, such as Paw's watch.
PawPaw is ready for Brayden to go on motorcycle rides with him, and from the look on Brayden's face it looks like he is ready too!
It also looks like Brayden will be crawling very soon!  He can lift himself with his arms and he can push with his feet, but he just hasn't figured out how to combine the two yet.  I am sure it won't be long!
Brayden also loved "walking" around with his PawPaw.  You can see in the pictures how he will lift his feet up and "step" as you hold him up.  It is just the cutest thing!!
We also went to the park, which is conveniently located behind my dad's house.  At first Brayden was a little apprehensive about the swings.
But after a few "swings" he decided it was fun!
I also took Brayden down one of the slides at the park. 
Brayden is such a sweet boy!  It won't be long until he is running around the park swinging and sliding all by himself! :(

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