Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

I just LOVE the 4th of July - fireworks and cookouts are the best!  But, I also love decorating for the holidays!!  I searched high and low for the perfect flag bunting (at least I think that is what they are called) for my fireplace, and I finally found one at Back in the Day, my favorite little country store in Troutman.  I love that it is tea-stained and it really coordinates well with the colors in my house.

On Saturday the 2nd, we went to Statesville to see some fireworks.  Brayden was very excited about seeing fireworks for the first time.
I hoped that Brayden wouldn't be afraid of the fireworks, because I knew how loud they would be.
Well, boy was I wrong about that!!!  Brayden actually didn't even acknowledge that there were fireworks going on.  He never even blinked an eye at the loud booms!  He ended up playing with his feet while we watched the fireworks.  He is such a silly little guy! 
After getting bored with his feet, Brayden decided he would take a nap - during the Grand Finale!
Hopefully next year Brayden will be old enough to enjoy the fireworks!

On Monday the 4th, we went up to visit my grandparents, Frank and Eloise.  This was Brayden's first trip to visit his Maw and Paw at their house.  Maw and Paw were so happy that Brayden got to come up and visit. 
Brayden liked cuddling with Maw... 
...and rocking with Paw.
Paw spends a lot of time outside making the yard look nice and keeping up with all of his daylilies!
Brayden loved being carried around while we walked around outside.
We went on a walk to visit Brenda (Maw and Paw's neighbor).  Brayden loved Brenda's dog, Morty, too!
Brayden liked riding on his Daddy's shoulders as we walked around.
 Brayden liked playing in the creek at Maw and Paw's, even though the water was a little cold.
Brayden is already learning good table manners.  He loves propping his foot up on the dining room table when you are feeding him!
Brayden and Jason enjoyed a nice nap on the couch after a fun day at Maw and Paw's.
On the way home from Maw and Paw's, Brayden discovered how to grab the canopy on his car seat.  I heard a scratching noise from the back seat and when I looked back, Brayden was holding onto the canopy of his car seat and was scratching it.  I think he was trying to escape!!

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!!  I hope everyone else did too!

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