Monday, July 18, 2011

Davis Mountain Race

On Sunday, Damien competed in another harescramble race with NCHSA.  This weekend the race was at Davis Mountain which is in Taylorsville, NC.  This was the first time that the NCHSA had held an event at Davis Mountain. 
Brayden and I waited on the "sidelines" for the race to start.
While we waited on the race to start, Brayden decided to chew on his stroller.  Silly boy!
Unfortunately, it had rained quite a bit during the week, so the track was pretty slick and muddy.  There were a few people who wrecked, including Damien's racing buddy, Zachary.
Damien completed 3 laps during the 45 minute race.  He ended up finishing 9th out of 11 in his division. We were very proud of him for trying his best!!!

Damien gets a little break from racing until August 28th, when we head back to Wilkesboro, NC for the Mountain Challenge II.

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